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Discover the power of Upper Cervical Chiropractic

Dr. Christensen practices a gentle chiropractic technique called Upper Cervical (UC) which balances the entire spine without “popping” or “twisting” the neck. If you have never felt comfortable having your neck adjusted, this is the office for you. Dr. Christensen relies on precise x-ray analysis to deliver an adjustment, tailored specifically for you. Many of Dr. Christensen’s patients drive over an hour to Enola to seek this specialized care. Dr. Christensen herself drives over an hour to see her chiropractor. UC care is worth the trip. If you live in the Greater Harrisburg Area, consider yourself lucky, you are a short drive away from the best chiropractic has to offer.

Fewer office visits required

One of the most important advantages of seeking Upper Cervical care is it accomplishes more in fewer visits. Since the adjustment is so precise, Dr. Christensen sees her patients 65% less often than most doctors in the area. That allows you to spend less time (and money!) being treated and more time where you want to be – out living your life!

Headaches are a real headache!

Some people become so accustomed to frequent headaches, they are shocked to hear – NO HEADACHE IS NORMAL. Since Upper Cervical chiropractic focuses on (and is named after) the very top of the spine, called the upper cervical region, it targets headaches in a way other forms of chiropractic care cannot. Studies indicate nearly all headaches, up to 95% (!) are the result of decreased blood flow to the brain. When the upper cervical region is properly corrected, the vessels supplying blood to the brain function at full capacity. The result: UC care is dramatically effective for nearly all forms of headaches and migraines.

Sports injuries and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Dr. Christensen has achieved advanced certification in extremity adjusting. Common conditions affecting the extremities include Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, tennis elbow, shoulder, knee and ankle pain. Most people think to call a chiropractor when they have neck or back pain, but chiropractic is a powerfully effective non-surgical treatment for many sports/repetitive stress injuries.

Care of aging joints

Let’s face it, life is not fair. As we get older, life catches up with us in the form of “Uncle Arthur,” the dreaded arthritis. You may think chiropractic care is too forceful to be safe for senior citizens. One of Dr. Christensen’s favorite aspects of being an Upper Cervical doctor is it allows her to SAFELY relieve the pain associated with getting older. Since the correction is gentle and effective, Dr. Christensen has seen patients from one month old through one hundred and one!