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NUCCA and Migraine Treatment in Enola, PA

After having treated hundreds of patients with migraine, cluster and sinus headaches, we understand what you’re going through. And if it’s a loved one or co–worker, you’ve probably seen them clutch at their head just wishing the nightmare would stop. Allowing chronic migraines and headaches to go untreated, is not only extremely painful, it may make future attacks harder to control.

The Breakthrough: Time Magazine recently reported on the international symposium of over 600 scientists from 32 countries known as the Migraine Trust. Their research had isolated the source of pain, within the brainstem. The center of the brain known as the hypothalamus receives any one of the many migraine pain and headache triggers, and sends the signals to the upper brainstem activating the trigeminal nerve, which gets the pain rolling.

It was further found that many severe headaches may actually be migraine pain in disguise As NUCCA Doctors we have studied the science of the brainstem, and know this area to be protected by the upper most neck bone known as the Atlas. This bone is shaped like a ring, with the sensitive brainstem dangling in the middle. Any shifting of this bone, due to accidents, injuries or just plain wear and tear, can put direct pressure on the brainstem.

This pressure can help explain why many migraine pain and headaches seemingly strike out of nowhere. But there is hope for migraine sufferers, pressure on the brainstem can be evaluated, and gently treated using the NUCCA Spinal Correction, a tested, safe procedure which gently realigns the neck vertebrae, taking pressure off the brainstem, and in many cases, eliminating headache and migraine pain completely. In another research study on 127 patients with migraine pain for 18 years or more, Chiropractic treatments reduced the intensity, duration and frequency of the migraine attacks significantly.

Dr. Christensen has treated hundreds of headache patients and has been blessed to have been involved in changing their lives. There are a few rules she follows:

1) NO headache is “normal” – patients are often so used to having headaches, they think it’s normal

2) Teenagers should never have headaches. Dr. Christensen currently has a 100% success rate with teenagers. Growing up can be rough on the body. Playground and sports falls/injuries add up. If your child complains of headaches, please give us a call. We can help

3) There is only ONE type of migraine upper cervical chiropractic likely cannot help. A strictly hormonal migraine which occurs only during a woman’s cycle is not generally caused by a misalignment of the spinal bones. ALL other types of migraines improve dramatically with NUCCA care.

We urge you to share this information with anyone of your family, friends or co-workers who suffer from chronic headache and migraine pain. Take a moment to reach out and let them know there’s help, they’ll never stop thanking you.