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Neck Pain Chiropractic in Enola, PA

At our chiropractic office in Enola, PA, many of our patients come to us complaining of neck pain. If you're suffering from difficulty in neck mobility, stiffness, or pain to the touch, a visit to Christensen Chiropractic may be able to help. There are many causes of neck pain, including:

  • Stress
  • Poor sleeping positions
  • Bad posture while working on a computer
  • Injury


The Number One Cause Of Neck Pain

Having successfully treated hundreds of neck pain patients over 13 years, Dr. Christensen has found the number one cause of neck pain to be rotation of the second vertebra, C-2 or the Axis. This is the large bone at the base of the skull. The very strong bones called the Suboccipital Triangle attach to this bone, as to strap muscles that attach to the base of the neck. When C-2 rotates to one side or the other, it causes spasms in these muscles, resulting in pain and restriction of motion. The NUCCA correction corrects C-2 rotation. Nothing is more effective in treating neck pain, either new/acute or old/chronic than the NUCCA correction. Dr. Christensen’s recent practice analysis revealed a 96.5% success rate with neck pain patients.

Many people suffer from episodes of neck pain. They live their lives fearing the next time, seemingly out of the blue, their neck will lock up. The NUCCA correction not only relieves current pain, but prevents future problems.


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Neck pain can significantly impact your overall quality of life. Neck pain can limit your mobility, distract you from your job, and impede your ability to simply enjoy your days. If you're tired of struggling with neck pain, make an appointment with Christensen Chiropractic and see how we can help. With convenient office hours, flexible scheduling, and a caring, dedicated staff, we make it easy to seek chiropractic care for neck pain sufferers like you.

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